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Debbie Ryan

Co-Owner / Instructor

Debbie has been a licensed, practicing real estate professional since 1995. She has been the owner and broker of a large real estate company in Savannah with over 50 agents. She fully understands the issues facing licensees and knows the educational needs to help them succeed.

Debbie's style of teaching has earned her top credit and reviews with her students with an overall grade of 98.5% in student satisfaction. She loves to tell real-life stories to help give students a "picture" of what she is discussing. She believes people learn better from actual experiences when trying to grasp a new idea.

Debbie is still a practicing Broker and understands the challenging environment today's economy brings to real estate agents. Her goal is to give student's the knowledge to perform at the highest professional & ethical level.

Debbie is a member of Georgia Real Estate Education Association.


Rob Fletcher

Co-Owner / School Coordinator

Born in Southwest Virginia and reared in the Savannah area, Rob Fletcher uses his career background to bring impeccable customer service as straight-forward business approach into his real estate deals.

After attending Georgia Southern University, Rob chose a career path in the retail sector. A steady string of promotions and relocations to higher volume stores around the Southeast followed, and Rob found himself based in Charlotte, NC as an Area Manager for a major retail corporation, overseeing the sales, operations and human resources for multiple locations. This position of multi-unit management provided Rob the customer service, organizational and efficiency skills that moved him naturally into a career in real estate in 2005.

Rob’s success in the real estate field has been acknowledged and celebrated on numerous occasions within the industry. Rob’s past customers and clients have always given him rave reviews, building him a steady business of repeats and referrals.

Having served in the retail community Rob understands the need to have great customer service.  Rob is instrumental with processing the exam results, providing assistance to students when needed and monitoring classes.

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