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What Happens Next?

Congratulations!  You have now completed you pre-license class.  The next steps in getting your license depends on if you are completing a sales person pre-license or broker pre-license class.


For a sale person pre-license, the first thing you need to do is congratulate yourself.  You have just completed 75 hours of  education in a very intense course of study.  You will need to contact us to take a proctored exam.  Once that exam is completed and you have passed with a score of 75% or higher you will be qualified to take the state exam and upon passing that receive your sales person license.


Prior to taking the state exam, you want to interview with several local real estate companies to see which company you wish to place your license with.  You will also need to get a criminal background report.  This report can be gotten at most local police departments.


If you wish to receive your real estate license the same day you complete the state exam, you will need to have the criminal report with you along with a broker's acceptance form stating you are placing your license with that firm.  Don't worry about this form the broker of the firm you wish to affiliate with will have the forms.


Congratulations!  You are now on your way to practicing real estate.  Don't forget you will have to complete a 25 hour Post License course within one year of receiving your license.


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